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Basketball and African-American History

I just finished editing this show (on Avid):

“Court of Change,” is a documentary that explores the role of basketball in African-American history and how the sport has served as a vehicle for social change. The one-hour documentary debuted on the CBS Sports Network Feb. 23 during black History Month.
Through the eyes of some of basketball’s most historic figures,”Court of Change,” examines how sport is used as a medium to transcend the indignities of racism.
Interviews include Oscar Robertson; Earl Lloyd (first African-American player in the NBA); Mannie Jackson (former Globetrotter and first African-American to own a professional sports franchise); Dr. Harry Edwards; Reverend Jesse Jackson; Perry Wallace (first African-American player in the SEC); Hallie Bryant (former Harlem Globetrotter); Meadowlark Lemon (former Harlem Globetrotter); John Chaney;Kenny Smith; David Stern; George Vecsey, and others. Civil Rights activist Timuel Black narrates.